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Deep Sea Fishing Adventures & 3 Minute Fish Recipes

Deep sea fishing requires 3 things:

1. A strong stomach (the smell isn't great and sea sickness is real), or sea bands - these are amazing! I can handle almost anything with those on! Side note, also great for pregnant ladies! I have these.

2. Stamina for heat. We went on a smooth water day which is great for sea sickness, but the counter is no breeze! We did an eight hour trip this time, and even though the cabin is air conditioned, reeling in/fighting with a 20+ pound for hours on in is exhausting and very, very HOT! Be sure to wear moisture wicking clothes and pack lots of water! I also wore my swim suit under my clothes, but keep in mind, you can't jump in the water -- no matter how badly you want to!

3. A great captain with an experienced first mate! Do your research! Don't just go to the docks and choose the first boat you see or hear about. Most boats are on Facebook/Trip Advisor/Yelp, make sure they have good reviews and the captain you are dealing with has experience! If you are in the Destin, FL area I recommend TJ and Ed on "High Cotton" - they were excellent!

Our catch (what we could bring back in) with My Dad, brothers Luke and Landon, Me and Uncle Jeff

3 Three Minute Fresh Fish Recipes:

Ok, now bear with me - you will probably say "ew" when I tell you that you you cook all of these in the...microwave! But, did you know this is what the locals do? And what almost every first mate will cook up for you while boating back in to dock. Seriously, it's amazing and QUICK! Of course you can also, grill, smoke, bake, fry, etc; perhaps I'll share some of those recipes at a later date, but when you're in a pinch or just ready to chow down, trust me, this is the way to go!

My Sweet Dad preparing the filets

1. Garlic Salt: Your fish should be cut up into several 2 - 3 inch portions, about 1 inch thick, place them all on a microwave safe plate, sprinkle generously with garlic salt and pepper. Pop it in the microwave for 3 minutes or until it's white and flaky! That's it!

2. Cajun: Once again, fish should be cut into small filets and placed on microwave safe plate; sprinkle with your favorite Cajun seasoning (and if you like spicy, a little cayenne), pop it in the microwave for about 3 minutes, or until white and flaky.

3. Lemon Pepper (this is our family favorite): You know the drill by now...filets on microwave safe plate. Generously sprinkle lemon pepper seasoning, microwave for 3 minutes or until white and flaky!

There you go! 3 super quick and super delicious ways to cook fresh fish! Pictured right is my sweet Daddy preparing the fish.

Have you been deep sea fishing? How did you like it and what's your favorite way to prepare your catch?

Pictures from the Day

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