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All About Me, LT

About the Blog


For years, I have pondered creating a "Southern Living" blog; including topics like Football Coaches Wife "Probs", perfect southern recipes, holiday gathering hacks and recipes, parenting tips and tricks (I don't claim to know it all, I'm a first time mom with only one child! But hey, we all learn somewhere, right?) and what being "Southern" is to me...cornbread, Lodge cast iron skillets, fried chicken and sweet tea.


So, I have taken the plunge and decided to no longer live in fear of rejection or failure and do it! To share my experiences, love for food - seriously, ALL food, passion for family, and hopefully reach out to a community of young wives or moms who just aren't quite sure how to fit into this new "adult" lifestyle.

About Me

I grew up in South Pittsburg, TN - the home of Lodge, hence, my love for cooking and using cast iron. In my childhood years I would wake up obnoxiously early, walk over to my Grammas and use just about every spice in her cabinet to concoct hideous "pizzas", "cakes" and Lord only knows what else, then force my poor family to try all these tasty treats. I finally did come up with a tea scone recipe that was edible and thus my love for cooking was born! My poor Mom had to indulge in this by putting up with my "My Little Oven" obsession for months and years to come. 

I was an only child for 9 glorious years, until my little brother Ethan was born. He's now a United States Marine and I thank God everyday he's my brother! Despite our age difference we fought like cats and dogs growing up, but if it wasn't for him let's face it, I would be a spoiled brat -- he was my saving grace.

When I was 15 I received a call from my Dad surprising me that my Step-Mom had skipped pregnancy and I was blessed with a beautiful baby brother, Luke! His adoption story is simply miraculous...perhaps an eventually blog post will come about God's faithfulness. Not long after Luke's 1st birthday I was again blessed with a baby brother, Landon! God again showed his faithfulness to my Step-Mom who had given up on having a child naturally. 

Fast forward to 2009, living the college life at the University of Tennessee (Go Vols!), I met my husband, Chandler and from there the rest is history. We were married in 2013 - in a beautiful ceremony - and started our life together. In 2016 we welcomed our son, Camp, into the world, and my goodness, he has turned it upside down! Being a "Boy Mom" is the greatest blessing of my life. We are expecting baby boy #2 in November 2019!

Chandler is a Football Coach (collegiate and high school) and due to this career we have moved five times in six years! You can basically call me a professional packer and mover! If you need tips, I have them! In 2013 we moved to Joplin, MO where he coached at Missouri Southern University. It was during this time I started toying around with the idea of creating a blog to connect to other coaches wives who understand the hurdles, hardships and wonderfulness this profession brings.


So, five years later in Huntsville, AL I began this journey.  Chandler received his first opportunity to be a Head Coach this year (2019) at North Jackson High School in Stevenson, AL which is essentially my "hometown"- so to say we are thrilled is an understatement! Thanks for visiting my blog, I'm glad to have you along on the ride!

"Smile - It increases your face value."

Truvy, Steel Magnolias 


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